PLA Baby Tableware Set 011

Product No.: YMLML-011

Material: PLA

Weight: 325G

Color Option: Blue,Pink,Yellow,Green

Customized: OEM & ODM

Product Description

Size & Package

Size:  14*12*16CM


Package Details: 18PCS/CTN

PLA Tableware is the Safest for Babies

100% natural and biodegradable, made with cornstarch-based eco friendly plastic

Exceptionally safe, BPA and plasticizer free, and without synthetic or toxic substances

Environmentally-friendly biodegradable and compostable

YUMI PLA is the Best Choice for Babies!

Environmentally Friendly Production

PLA is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly materials

PLA can biodegrade within 150 days under proper composting conditions

There are no harmful material decomposed or released during use

The sprouting rate is more than 65% and the surviving rate is more than 90%, which don’t contain any kind of toxicity

Our PLA mugs can reduce 80% greenhouse,use 70% less energy and bring 0 emission

The Authorities for Food Contact Substance



Dishwasher gentle use

Keep away from fire

No disinfection Cabinet

No need to boil for disinfection

Coffee stain slightly

No microwave


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