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One Revolutionary Cutting Board-Safe, Strong and Easy Maintain

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Which is better, a wooden or plastic cutting board? These two choices have been the standard go-to among many individuals for decades. Others may go with something more unconventional such as marble, glass, or pyroceramic. Different materials present various advantages and disadvantages, such as durability and ease of cleaning. Fact of the matter is that few ever consider the hidden dangers of these traditional materials. Hence,the trick question.

Safe Bsheen Cutting Boards Protect Your Health

Safe Bsheen Cutting Boards Protect Your Health

Second to a remote control, cutting boards are one the biggest accumulators of hazardous bacteria in your home. This is a scary thought given the frequency of its use and the direct contact it has with the foods we consume. Contaminated cutting boards are linked to many diseases resulting from mould and spread of bacteria such as salmonella. Traditional materials such as wood and plastics are flawed with cuts they leave behind after regular use. Furthermore, when exposed to a dry environment or the high heat from dish-washing machines, these cutting boards tend to crack. Although it may be invisible to the naked eye, the cuts and cracks are hidden dangers to the human health. Under laboratory examination, microscopes reveal toxic mould and dozens of hazardous bacteria developing in these tiny crevices.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family any longer. After years of research and development, we have come up with a revolutionary solution to this dangerous kitchen tool, that is Bsheen’s rice husk made cutting board.

Bsheen cutting board BS-001

safe and strong Bsheen rice husk cutting board

Firstly, Bsheen rice husk cutting boards are created of all-natural materials and food-safe mineral materials. Being made under 200 tons of pressure and temperatures exceeding 200℃, our cutting boards provide the durability unlike any other.Given their high density and hardness, our cutting boards easily avoid the cuts and cracks of the traditional materials. Therefore, you can have peace of mind and stop worrying about the bacteria and mould spreading in your kitchen.

Bsheen eco-friendly rice husk made cutting board

Bsheen eco-friendly rice husk made cutting board

Likewise, by maintaining a smooth surface without splits and breaks from knives, our product is easy to clean. Bsheen rice husk cutting boards don’t get stained as easily and maintain their fresh, clean look for much longer. What’s more is that there is no need to use expensive products and complicated procedures to disinfect the board’s surface.

Finally, Bsheen rice husk cutting boards are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable, which are composed of 80% rice husk and 20% food-safe mineral materials, without BPA, glue, or plasticizers. We’ve done rigorous testing and guaranteed at least 10 years of frequent use with any signs of decay or damage. Best of all, when you finally decide to refresh your kitchen, the rice husk cutting board can be disposed of and composted with no pollution to the planet.

annaOne Revolutionary Cutting Board-Safe, Strong and Easy Maintain
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PLA Products Are Best Alternative to Petroleum-based Plastics Items

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PLA(Polylactic acid) has emerged as a significantly perfect alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Though petroleum-based plastics have been widely used over the years, there is no doubt that they pose risks to the environment and have been a major contributor to the environmental problems plaguing the world today. PLA(Polylactic acid) is produced using natural ingredients and therefore is more eco-friendly. The best part is you don’t have to compromise on quality by switching to PLA plastics over other conventional types of plastics. If you are still not convinced, here is a look at some top benefits of PLA:

Made from Renewable Resources

Our earth have been buried by non-degradable plastics

Our earth have been buried by non-degradable

As mentioned above, PLA is made from renewable resources, which are grown naturally. One example of this is corn. So, if the plastic is being produced using corn, the crop can be grown and harvested year on year. This way, the resources is renewed on a regular basis, ensuring a sustainable supply of PLA plastics. Moreover, as is the case with petroleum-based products, they are made from oil which is limited and projected to run out within a century globally. Therefore, PLA is a superior option keeping in mind the current global scenario.

Completely Compostable Plastic

Polluted water by petroleum-based plastics

Polluted water by petroleum-based plastics

Generally, plastics made from petroleum and other materials take several decades and even centuries to break down. In fact, some types of plastics never break down into natural elements, even if they have been disposed off. Because discarded plastic is often dumped in landfills, it not only can’t degrade but also release poisonous substances. On the other hand, PLA plastics can break down in a matter of weeks, provided they receive sufficient air and sunlight. That being said, this is a preferable option as compared to petroleum-based plastics.

No Toxic Fumes

Last, but not the least, PLA plastics can be incinerated without any risk of toxic fumes being produced. This is not the case with other conventional types of plastics. As PLA is biologically-based, you don’t have to dispose them off at a composting facility and simply incinerate them once discarded.

Eco friendly products manufacturer

we make biodegradable products

As you can see, there are some compelling reasons why you should opt for PLA over conventional plastics. Further compounding the benefits is the fact that PLA is affordable and also cost-effective to dispose off. Hence, it will have a positive impact on your bottom-line. It is all the more reason for you to invest in PLA over other plastics. You can compound the benefits of PLA for your business by purchasing the products from BSheen and please refer to our website for PLA water bottles, baby feeding and tableware.

adminPLA Products Are Best Alternative to Petroleum-based Plastics Items
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